Choosing Paint Colors

I get a lot of questions about how to choose the right paint color for a space. Truth is, I always return to the same basic steps and a few simple rules.Let me begin by saying that I do not believe that there is one and only one color that works in a space. In … Continue reading

Dollar Store Craft: Quote/Lyric Art Piece |

Another DIY that doesn’t need too much explanation. I’m always struggling to fill the blanks wall of my apartment without breaking the bank. Couple weeks ago I strolled into the Dollar Store with no agenda. $3 and 20 minutes later I walked out with 1 foam core poster board and 2 packages of letter stickers (one … Continue reading

Renter-approved: Electrical Tape Pin-striping |

Once again – I’m left to find creative solutions for dealing with the fact that I live in an apartment, can’t make permanent changes, can’t put holes in the wall and can’t paint the walls. Everything needs to be easily removable, leaving the walls damage free. I realized that electrical tape has a couple of interesting … Continue reading

IKEA Half-hack: Trivet Cork Boards |

My small office nook needed some colorful whimsy on the wall. $6 in trivets (Ikea, of course) and some paint gave me these little beauties: Just a little paint & these: Become these: I will say, they totally make me smile. Rachel |

Dollar Store Craft: Push Pin Art |

This DIY doesn’t really need too much explanation. Let me just say, I’m a huge fan of DIY decor on the cheap! Sometimes I go to the dollar store, just to challenge myself to find something creative to do with my day. Sundays are usually that day. Oh Lazy Sundays! There’s just so much temptation … Continue reading

Easy Sew Project: Throw Pillow Cases |

I had a number of inexpensive pillows kicking around the living room. They did their job, were all solid colored, but unfortunately the material was a lint magnet. This drove me nuts. Plus, I wanted to be able to easily wash the pillows when necessary. So I figured I’d make some pillow cases. I’ve been … Continue reading

Furniture Makeover: Kitchen Table |

My hand-me-down kitchen table needed a face-lift. Inspiration was easy: I love those giant spoons and forks as kitchen decor. Supplies. I sanded down the table. Then I drew out my shapes. I taped out my shapes. Painted. After complete drying, I removed the tape. Voila! Rachel |

IKEA Hack: Reclaimed Lerberg Etagere |

After rearranging my living room, my 2 IKEA Lerberg shelf units were inadequately sized for the space. I really didn’t want to buy something new or drop the cash on the units I really liked. Thus my Reclaimed Lerberg Etagere was born! This hack couldn’t be simpler. In fact, I’m convinced I’m not the first … Continue reading