Renter-approved: Electrical Tape Pin-striping

Wall 1

Once again – I’m left to find creative solutions for dealing with the fact that I live in an apartment, can’t make permanent changes, can’t put holes in the wall and can’t paint the walls. Everything needs to be easily removable, leaving the walls damage free. I realized that electrical tape has a couple of interesting properties in this regard:

  1. it’s barely adhesive (easily removable, I’m talking like post-it note removable)
  2. it’s manipulatable (don’t think that’s a word, but roll with me here)
  3. it’s cheap!!!!!!! (bought mine at the dollar store)

So I have this big blank wall that smacks you in the face when you walk into my apartment. It’s the first thing you see, it’s big, white, boring, uninviting. I’ve been wanting to do something with that wall since I first moved in, but really couldn’t make up my mind. I knew I wanted it to be high impact, bold and fun. And I knew I wanted it to send a message to anyone who walked into my place.

So… Yes – I pin striped this wall with electrical tape. But I also took it a step further. Let me show you. It’s fairly self-explanatory. (After marking/spacing out where I wanted my stripes with a ruler and pencil, I just went for it. I made my stripes from the top down. A level also helps if you are going to incorporate a picture frame like I did.)

First, on my big blank wall I marked out my stripe locations with a pencil:

Wall 2

Second, I taped out my picture frame:

Wall 3

Third, I taped away, (it was definitely easiest to start at the ceiling):

Wall 4

Finally, using chalkboard paper I found at the craft store I made spot to write a friendly greeting:

Wall 5

Wall 6


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