Dollar Store Craft: Push Pin Art

This DIY doesn’t really need too much explanation. Let me just say, I’m a huge fan of DIY decor on the cheap! Sometimes I go to the dollar store, just to challenge myself to find something creative to do with my day. Sundays are usually that day. Oh Lazy Sundays! There’s just so much temptation to take a 3 hour nap.

Couple weeks ago I strolled into the Dollar Store with no agenda. (It’s on my way home from church.) $7 later I picked up 3 foam core poster boards and 4 boxes of gold push pins. Here’s what happened:

Push Pin 4

Push Pin 1

Couple things: I traced out my numbers first as a guide. I also left the push pin floating off the board a little, not pushing them all the way in.

Push Pin 2

Push Pin 3

You could certainly do this as a monogram, a silhouette or even just geometric patterns. You could do silver push pins on a black or navy blue background. Switch it up. Make it your own. Pretty fun and easy and adds graphic interest to any space.


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