Dollar Store Craft: Quote/Lyric Art Piece

Another DIY that doesn’t need too much explanation. I’m always struggling to fill the blanks wall of my apartment without breaking the bank. Couple weeks ago I strolled into the Dollar Store with no agenda. $3 and 20 minutes later I walked out with 1 foam core poster board and 2 packages of letter stickers (one white and one silver, I had the larger stickers left-over from another project.).

Here’s what happened:

Lyric 1

Lyric 5

Couple things to note: I vaguely used a ruler as a guide. Vaguely meaning that I didn’t go crazy trying to make my lines perfectly straight or evenly spaced, but I also didn’t want the end result to drift or lean slightly. You certainly could spend a lot of time trying to make it perfect, but I wanted mine to be a little rough. That’s also the reason why I didn’t get 2 packages of letters in the same color.

Lyric 2

Lyric 3

Lyric 4

You could do this with any phrase or quote you like to make it your own. Whatever you do, have fun!

Rachel |


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