Easy Sew Project: Throw Pillow Cases

I had a number of inexpensive pillows kicking around the living room. They did their job, were all solid colored, but unfortunately the material was a lint magnet. This drove me nuts. Plus, I wanted to be able to easily wash the pillows when necessary. So I figured I’d make some pillow cases. I’ve been sewing since I was about 13, but this is a GREAT beginner sewing project. Each case will take you only a couple of minutes to assemble and there’s no buttons or zippers necessary.

Pillow 1

Pillow 2

Pillow 3

ONE: For each pillow case cut three 18×18 squares (or the same size as your pillow, this will allow for a snug fit). For mine I used 2 different fabrics, 1 for the primary (two 18×18 squares) and one for the “lid”/flap (one 18×18 square).

Pillow 4

TWO: Fold the “lid” fabric in half, right side out, and sew 2 stitches along the fold.

Pillow 5

THREE: Now, right sides together, sew the rough edge of your “lid” fabric to one edge of one of your primary pieces.

Pillow 6

FOUR: Take your other primary piece, the one you haven’t done anything with yet and put a hem along one edge.

Pillow 7

FIVE: Finally, bring the right sides of both of your pieces together. Your hem from step four will meet your seam from step three. And sew your three unfinished edges.

SIX: Turn your case inside-out, insert your pillow and then bring the “lid”/flap over the top to close, much like a sandwich bag.

As your get the hang of this, you can add trims, experiment with different fabrics, etc. For an easy-sew project you can have a lot of fun and inexpensively dress-up your decor while you’re at it!


Pillow 8

Rachel | rejpInteriors.com

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