IKEA makeover: Lindved Repainted

I’m blessed/cursed with living 5 minutes from Ikea. Blessed because it’s convenient & relatively inexpensive. Cursed because they’ve made it so easy for me to spend money there. What makes Ikea so widely appealing to so many people is that the overall aesthetic of Ikea is fairly clean and unfussy. This makes Ikea a bit … Continue reading

IKEA Half-hack: Work/Craft Table

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So I needed a worktable for my office/craft space. Let’s jump ahead; here’s what I came up with: Per usual, I did not want to go out to get something completely new but I also had a couple of requirements. I wanted it to be something I could stand at comfortably. I wanted it to … Continue reading

Furniture Makeover: Kitchen Table

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My hand-me-down kitchen table needed a face-lift. Inspiration was easy: I love those giant spoons and forks as kitchen decor. Supplies. I sanded down the table. Then I drew out my shapes. I taped out my shapes. Painted. After complete drying, I removed the tape. Voila! Rachel | rejpInteriors.com

IKEA Hack: Reclaimed Lerberg Etagere

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After rearranging my living room, my 2 IKEA Lerberg shelf units were inadequately sized for the space. I really didn’t want to buy something new or drop the cash on the units I really liked. Thus my Reclaimed Lerberg Etagere was born! This hack couldn’t be simpler. In fact, I’m convinced I’m not the first … Continue reading