Deconstructed Remodel: The Standard Hall Bathroom |

I see a lot of “standard” hall bathrooms. They’re generally 5×9 and follow the same basic floor plans. While they don’t leave a lot of room for ornate finishes and don’t justify an elaborate budget, they can be fun to design because the challenge is in tying everything together into one neat little package.

You can go neutral, clean & crisp, while maintaining classic detailing, like I did for this homeowner:


Or you can go a little wild and throw in some retro elements to mix things up, like I did for this new construction project:


Either way, the key to remodeling such a small room is to practice restraint.

Here’s the before of a remodel I completed this spring.

Before Collage

Lovely, ain’t it? And now for the after. This bathroom makes its statement with marble-look porcelain covering the walls and floor, uninterrupted. Everything else merely plays a supporting role to that one primary feature. (And yes, we did relocate the fixtures to create a better layout.)


Here’s the before shots of another hall bathroom I just wrapped up.

Before Collage

I know someone out there is hating me for throwing out that sink… Again, keeping a fine balance between classic and current details brings a fresh look to the finished space. It makes a statement with the simplicity of its black & white color scheme.


If you’re new to remodeling, the hall bathroom is a great place to start. And I’ll say it again, the best advice I can offer is to be sure to practice restraint. Know what’s at the top of your priority list, build it into your budget and maybe even splurge a little. But don’t splurge on everything, you’ll likely over-invest in the space and wind up with chaos.

By the way — have fun! Don’t stress out; remodeling should always be fun.

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One Response to “Deconstructed Remodel: The Standard Hall Bathroom”
  1. Caleb says:

    These are some great ideas. I definitely like the bathroom at the top. It is always important to keep your bathroom up-to-date. Updating the fixtures is very important. It is essential that your have fixtures that look great and will also last.

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