IKEA makeover: Lindved Repainted

I’m blessed/cursed with living 5 minutes from Ikea. Blessed because it’s convenient & relatively inexpensive. Cursed because they’ve made it so easy for me to spend money there. What makes Ikea so widely appealing to so many people is that the overall aesthetic of Ikea is fairly clean and unfussy. This makes Ikea a bit of a chameleon. You can take nearly any item and throw it into nearly any room, without having to spend too much time over-thinking whether or not it will work in the space. The Lindved table is the perfect example of this. $20, white and simple.


It’s also extremely easy to make slight modifications to your Ikea pieces to put your own personal stamp on it. A little paint or fabric and you can tweak your Ikea pieces to your liking. And because the original piece is affordable, you can do it without risking making an expensive mistake. For me, I wanted to freshen up my little Lindved table with a bit of color.

Table 1

I knew I wanted yellow & had a couple different ideas for a pattern. I eventually decided to go the easy route and used painters tape to tape out diamonds.

Table 5

After I was finished painting, everything had dried and I removed the tape, I wasn’t a huge fan of how crisp and clean the pattern was. So I went back with a light grade sand paper just to roughen-up the paint a little and make it a bit worn-in.

Table 4

It’s perfect. And I figure I can use it outside in the summer since it’s metal.

Table 2



I’m always redoing, recreating, rearranging, redecorating. Welp, I got really sick of the paint job on this little guy and gave him a second makeover. Much simpler and needs no explanation, but I’m loving it so far.

Lindved Redo 2

Lindved Redo

Rachel | rejpInteriors.com

Ikea Lindved Redo


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